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VieLux Design International Inc. has three distinctive departments to provide full-service of clients’ need:
Lighting Design   |   Interior Design   |  Innovative Design Lab
Vielux Design International Inc.
Vielux Design International Inc.
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lighting design depart

(Ⅰ) Lighting Design Department (LDD)

VieLux Design International Inc. is mainly found as lighting design company, with rich experiences in interior and exterior lighting design, we have completed different applications projects, such as residences, retail, hotels, museums, amusement parks, public parks and landscapes, urban planning, road lighting and commercial complex.

       LDD provides:


  • Innovative And Creative Conception Design

  • Cost Effective Engineering Solutions

  • Project Management And Supervision For Installation Of Energy Efficient Products And Systems

  • Lighting Design Development

  • Mock-up And Lighting Design Solution

  • Energy System Analysis

  • Project Feasibility Study

  • 2D/3D Simulation Analysis

  • Day-Light Planning Solution

  • Lighting Effect Animation Render

  • Point By Point Level Calculations

  • Site Lighting Analysis

  • Green Design Evaluation And Consultation

  • Art Lighting Consultation

  • Lighting Control Scene Technology Solution

Interio design depart

(Ⅱ) Interior Design Department (IDD)

Thankful for the trust from all the clients and people that we were collaborated, as required, VieLux Design International Inc. provides services of interior design as well. Our interior designer team has strength on UX (User Experience) Design concept. The goal of UX design is to answer the twin question of  “Who are our users?” and “ What do our users want?” because we believe that interior design is creating space that you experience most of the time. We also emphasis on sustainability, technical analysis and budget control.

       IDD provides:


  • Space Planning Development And Finalization

  • Conceptual Design Of Themes, Materials, Finishing And Colouring

  • Oversee The Whole Design Process( including project budgeting and schedules etc.)

  • Analyze The Client's Needs And Goals.

  • 2D/3D Simulation Render

  • Sustainable Design

  • Site Project Supervision

  • Decoration Custom Design & Planning

Art Workshop Production

(Ⅲ) Innovative Design Lab (IDL)

Constantly developing in art design area, we are organizing our design lab for our designers to make their innovative and creative ideas into realities. We are active in artistic lighting festivals, design fairs, art exhibitions and public area integrations, combine with art and technology for creating sustainable solution.

       IDL provides:


  • Art Lighting Installation Design

  • Lighting Technologies Research & Development

  • Lighting Control Interactive (IoT) Technology Solution

  • Building Lighting System Solution 

  • VR/AR Lighting Simulation

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