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Located in Montreal Quebec, which is designated as "City of Design" by UNESCO, as well as one of the most multi-cultural cities in Canada, VieLux Design International Inc. is a professional bilingual (French-English) design company which inherits multiculturalism mindset.


Based on the wide-ranging relation network with architects, manufacturers, designers, artists, engineers and clients, VieLux Design International Inc. provides a fully one-stop lighting and interior design service of you need. From conception to completion, we are all along with you to help to achieve impressive projects one after another.


VieLux Design International Inc. believes that a good design is a wise investment for helping to raise value of your businesses or to enhance reputation of your brands. We would like to help to create a better quality of life of you need.We have strengths on combining budget analysis and professional design for fitting different clients’ need. Sustainability and upcycling “green” conceptions come through in our designs.

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