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Light, gives you guidance in dark.
Light, gives you hope.
Light, makes you calm.
Light, brings joyce.
Light, decorates your city.
Light, witnesses a starry kiss.
Light, brings you home.
Light, holds the Fiesta!
Light, proves technology.
Light, brings you warmth.
Light, holds a spectacle.
Light, brings you party.
Light, dispels torpidity.
Light, gives you reason to move on.
Light, brings cheers.
Light, brings communication.
Light, helps us stronger.
Light, helps us to explore.
Light, brings emotion.
Light, shows information
Light, gives you strength.
Light, creates dramatic scene.
Light, shares the world.
Light, helps you see clear.
Light, makes melody.
Light, makes you shine.
Light, creates intimate moment.
Light, builds our lives.
Light, shows spirit.
Light, makes you look different.
Light, makes you brave.

VIE: Word "vie" is from origin of middle France, it means "life" in English, as French culture is part of VieLux Design International Inc.


LUX: By our design, we are here to help to bring "luxury" to life for our clients, no matter if you have big budget or small, we will design our best for customized need.

LIFE IMPROVEMENT: is the purpose of our design,as well as the purpose to establish VieLux Design International Inc.


Design impacts all our lives in ways subtle and overt. From our phones to our coffee pots, every object is a function of design.

For lighting desing and interior design, great design is more than just good aesthetics. They are in between industrial design and art design; in between some rules of reality and fancy in mind storm.

1. Simplicity : 

Simplicity is art of no waste. Everyone appreciate the idea of simplicity, but actually it is more difficult to create something simple. Simplicity create experiences that allow the users to complete a task or accomplish goals in the most easy, straight forward possible way. This can only be achieved by having a deep understanding of those who users are, knowing their needs.

Vielux Design International Inc.
Vielux Design International Inc.

2. Foresighted:

Design is something which provide solution to the real world problems, so one should observe and understand the problems before them and then approach to build things. Also Design should always consider the future. Solution should not meet short term goals but it should be future oriented or can meet the future possible demands too.

3. Design Inspires Technology:

In most of our cases, the design we did for clients will become one of collection for manufacturers. It shows that design inspires technology improving. Maintaining a close relationship with developers and technology experts can also help in decision making during the design process. We believe in involving developers in early stages of design process, it can help in validating ideas and confirm the ability to deliver on time and under budget. 

Vielux Design International Inc.
Vielux Design International Inc.

4. Feedback:

One of our company's culture is that:

Project finish but not relationship between people. 

Interacting with people and ask for views for any chances of improvement is key to good design for us.

© 2016 by VieLux Design International Inc. All Rights Reserved

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